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Simple storyline with potential, but not what I would call fascinating. The only focus is on this group and its journey, there are little or no substories, where you can learn more about the world or other characters. When there actually is a substory, like the dreams of the main character about Hargan's Battle or Djok, they are more interesting than the main story. You would expect that, because of the above, you would know the main characters very well by now. Maybe apart from the main character Harold, the imp Kli-Kli, and the comic duo Deler and Hallas, that is not the case.

The other members of the group are hardly elaborated, which is a pity.

Shadow Chaser

The developing of the characters could've been better and more in depth. Apr 29, Ruth rated it liked it Shelves: It took me a while to get hold of this second volume as my library had catalogued this book under Pekhov instead of Pehov. It took me a while to remember what had gone before and there was no summary or introduction to remind me. So, I had to go back to the first book to try and remind myself. Great pace, interesting characters and just a great plot.

I think I preferred the first book but it could be because there had been quite a long period of time between the reads. The author has no f C Recommended to the normal crew. Maar ik heb qua verhaal nauwelijks het gevoel vooruit te zijn gegaan tov het eerste deel.

Shadow Prowler Alexey Pehov Chronicles of Siala by Aleksei Pekhov

Ook is er nooit ook maar 1 poging gedaan om je 'up to speed' te brengen voor het geval je het eerste boek een flinke tijd geleden hebt gelezen. En om het nog verwarrender te maken wordt er soms iemand bij 3 namen genoemd binnen 3 regels. Voor een te groot deel van het boek ben ik dit: En d 3,5 sterretjes Zit weer wat humor in, het leest lekker. En dan is het moeilijk om een fatsoenlijke binding te krijgen met personages en gebeurtenissen.

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Het beste hoofdstuk was niet geheel toevallig dan ook die waar er werd gefocust op maar 1 personage. Aangezien een deel van mijn klachten mijn eigen schuld is door een paar jaar te wachten met het lezen van dit 2e deel zal ik het naar boven afronden en 4 sterren geven. Misschien wat minder lang wachten met het 3e deel.

D Wat trouwens ook niet hielp is dat er werd verwezen naar een Donkere Tijd. Ik heb net een hele serie gelezen wat de Donkere Tijd heet. The first book started little slow but I felt this has more action. Has this made him softer? But it seems like there is much more to him than just being a fool.

But my favourites were the elves. I wish there was more about them in the next book! I love it that elves resemble orcs with fangs and all. I really liked this and you gotta love good fantasy book! Dec 20, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: As with the first book, Shadow Prowler, I was enchanted with this tale because it is not your typical epic fantasy. The Elves are brutal and none too pretty.

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The goblin is petite, ridiculous, and cunning. The humans, especially the talents band of Wild Hearts, are a mix of deadly and horribly vulnerable. Ogres, first born children of the world, seek domination and will not be easily turned back. Harald has been sucked into this affair and doubly bound to see it through. In this particular instal As with the first book, Shadow Prowler, I was enchanted with this tale because it is not your typical epic fantasy. In this particular installment, a theft of a key object is required. While the first book basically had a single female character, Miralisa the elfin princess, the second book features a second female character a naughty vixen who may be the death of part of the party.

There are a handful of other very minor female characters……. Many, many males, 2 ladies. But the ladies absolutely kick ass — and that only makes me wish there were more of them. Jul 14, Svitlana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read it already a couple of times, still enjoy!!! Feb 01, Jacqie rated it liked it Shelves: I liked the first book in this series a lot. This one left me luke-warm. Looking back on my review for the first book, I think it's because what I liked about the first book a thief doing thiefly things is missing from this one so far about pages in.

There's a large ensemble of characters, all of who blend into each other without distinct characteristics. Not a fan of the goblin comic relief, either. The first part of the book is largely about finding a dentist seriously and getting in I liked the first book in this series a lot. The first part of the book is largely about finding a dentist seriously and getting in a bar fight. Then things do pick up somewhat with shadowy villains and conspiracies. There may be some issues with translation here- I couldn't really follow what was going on or where anyone was.

When I went to continue reading the book after putting it down, my feeling was "oh, well, here's this book again. Aug 26, William Bentrim rated it really liked it. Pehov may be well known in his native Russia but I had never heard of him until I read that book. I think the quality of that book will insure that Pehov will be known far and wide as well as in Russia. Shadow Harold, a master thief, finds himself enmeshed with the establishment to save the world as they know it. This book carries on the story and gets the band of misfit compatriots further along in their Shadow Chaser by Alexey Pehov Shadow Prowler was the first book in the Chronicles of Siala.

This book carries on the story and gets the band of misfit compatriots further along in their journey. Shadow Harold, an enjoyable rogue continues as the main protagonist. However other characters such as Kli-Kli, the jester, become more important as the story progresses. Harold, a master thief of exceptional skill and a healthy interest in avoiding heroics, finds himself changing and to his horror perhaps even becoming heroic.

Pehov provides suitable mystery and excellent action. I highly recommend the book and am looking forward to the sequel. My review for the first book in the Chronicles of Siala series can be found on my blog. It simply sounds better although neither makes all that much sense. If I could speak Russian, then maybe I would even prefer the original title because I believe that one makes most sense. I liked this book more than the fi My review for the first book in the Chronicles of Siala series can be found on my blog.

I liked this book more than the first one in the series. Whereas the first one kind of dragged for me, this one had a bit faster pace and thinks kept happening all the time. Jul 28, Octavia Cade rated it liked it Shelves: I liked this much better than the first in the series.

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It's still nothing very original in fantasy terms, but it's competently done and the characters are more rounded this time, I think. Harold isn't any more outstanding to me than he was the last time, but the secondary characters - Eel and Kli-Kli especially - are much more interesting and in the latter case, much less annoying than they were before, and I'm beginning to feel invested in them. The book seems to read quicker than the last one I liked this much better than the first in the series. The book seems to read quicker than the last one, too. Possibly because of the different structure - 2 is very much an ongoing adventure, while 1 was routinely interrupted with what were essentially self-contained short stories.

Overall, an improvement on the first. Hopefully 3 is even better. Harold and his team of wisecracking hardasses and mystical elves head further towards their goal. They encounter numerous delays and dangerous foes. This one was not as good as the first. The first half of the book is drawn out unnecessarily and the second half is a bit truncated. Characters are introduced and then thrown away in grand Martin style, but before you get a chance to really know them or why you should care about them. But the action sequences seem real enough, the interpla Harold and his team of wisecracking hardasses and mystical elves head further towards their goal.

But the action sequences seem real enough, the interplay between some of the characters is good, and by the end they are moving the plot along. So solid, if not spectacular. Rated M for some bloody violence, a scary scene and moderate coarse language. Oct 26, Joseph rated it really liked it. Most definitely a middle book. Our heroes spend some time in a city, get kidnapped, escape, steal things, then head out into the wilderness and have more adventures that bring them closer to the giant dungeon that's their ultimate goal, but which will not come onstage until the third book.

Still, I was entertained -- Shadow Harold has a very conversational style to his narration and the various incidents and adventures were well-drawn. Shield of Winter Legend of the Gods Book 2. The Sword of Light: The Gods and Kings Chronicles: Sleeping gods should be left to slumber. Contains all books in the epic fantasy series.

It's Tolkien meets Game of Thrones. Servant of the Crown Heir to the Crown Book 1. The struggle for the crown begins in this tale that infuses the gritty battle scenes of Bernard Cornwell into the epic story-telling of Anne McCaffrey. Tor Fantasy; Reprint edition February 1, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Escape now in a fascinating magical universe of epic action-adventure fantasy. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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Read reviews that mention shadow prowler master thief wild hearts desolate lands main character shadow harold jester kli-kli alexey pehov really enjoyed looking forward translated into english forbidden territory forward to reading fantasy novels chronicles of siala looking forward orcs and elves even though kli-kli the goblin harold is a master.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I really enjoyed reading this book, like my title says it was a refreshing read. What I mean by a refreshing read was that this book took its time developing its plot slowly and creating for you a foundation for the other books. Like most books there are some flaws in the whole series, but for me I could over look them.

I finally decided to write a review after a couple of years having read the series cause of the author's new book coming out in June and I was reading some of the one star reviews for this book. I normally tend to focus on the three star reviews and up. So by the ending of the third book things are wrapped up nicely but yet still kind of a loss.

Not really a bad loss because I very, very much like this author and his writing. All three books have a lot going on in them and again in my opinion the author takes his time with the plot and the over all story. I like all of the characters in this book and the rest of the series, they are all given great personalities, I will say I loved the gnome and the dwarf the best!

So, even though there was some problems with the book I still will have to give it five stars. I first purchased this book as a paperback book and when the second one came out I rushed to purchase it in hardback just so I could continue the story and I normally don't buy hardback because who the heck wants to pay twice the money just for the hardback , and by the third book I had a kindle fire so purchased it digitally. Then lol I went back and repurchased the other two books digitally too, as I am writing this review I noticed that there is a new book in the world created not necessarily a fourth book to this series coming out in June.

Its been a few years since I've seen anything from this author and can't wait. The series is a best-seller and award-winner in Russia, and has been translated into English by Andrew Bromfield translator of the Night Watch series for Tor. The world of Siala has seen several Ages.

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Only the ogres survived from the Dark Era into the succeeding Grey Era, which saw the arrival of the Orcs and Elves immediate mortal enemies into the world. Dwarves and gnomes appeared next, and though the two got along at first, they have since become fierce enemies. The Era of Accomplishments followed with the arrival of humans. The series takes place in the Era of Dreams, when the Nameless One a dark sorcerer begins to rise once again, massing a huge army of ogres, giants and other creatures of the Desolate Lands.

Meanwhile, the Orcs are also readying to attack and a new, previously unknown, threat--The Master--appears on stage. The only chance to defeat the Nameless One apparently is an ancient magic horn. The only problem is the horn has been buried in the Hrad Spein The Palace of Bones an ages-old underground burial site for all the races, far away through the land of the orcs and elves, a massive site that over the centuries has been filled with horrors and traps.

Shadow Chaser (Chronicles of Siala #2) by Alexey Pehov

In Shadow Prowler, a human master-thief named Harold is tapped to be part of the third attempt to retrieve the horn. The first quarter or so of the novel introduces us to Harold, then shows us how he is forced into taking on his king's Commission to seek the horn. When it is learned that the only maps of Hrad Spein lie in the Stain--a mysterious section of the city walled off by sorcery from which almost nobody has ever returned, Harold must find a way in and then out with the plans.

Meanwhile, he is targeted for death by minions of both the Nameless one and the Master. Eventually, he sets out for Hrad Spein with a small band that includes ten Wild Hearts the best, most experienced human soldiers who man the border with the Desolate Lands , a small band of Elves including the nobleborn Miralissa, and an odd pair of best friends--the dwarf Deler and the gnome Halla. The final member of the group is the king's jester Kli-Kli, a goblin who plays the fool but seems far more knowledgeable about things, including an ancient prophecy that seems to point to Harold being the Dancer With Shadows who will save the world.

Shadow Prowler ends with the group reaching the city of Ranneng, though not without having suffered losses and setbacks along the way. Shadow Chaser picks up almost immediately afterward and follows the band as they continue their journey, facing sorcerous attacks and battles along the way, until they finally reach the last stage before the Palace of Bones itself--the Forests of Zagabra home to fierce elves, orcs, and goblins.

One problem with the series can be seen right away from the description--the overly familiar setting and basic plot: It all has a been-there, done that feel to it Mines of Moria, Legolas and Gimli, to name just two obvious analogues and while Pehov throws in a few twists: One exception to this is the appearance of a long-dead or quasi-dead magician, but he is used far too sparingly. Harold's destiny is tied to the fate of the kingdom Praise for Alexey Pehov: Alexey Pehov introduces a cast of charming, quirky, unsavory, even loathesome characters in a fast-paced, entertaining adventure' Kevin J Join our mailing list.

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