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5 things you didn't know about house centipedes

Just a random bug that got in from my open window. Nothing to worry about. That was, of course, when I saw movement from the corner of my eye. Maybe it was a piece of fuzz? Or some sort of tiny Ryan Gosling? After the house centipedes effectively drove me from my bedroom, I knew I had to do something. Plus, evolutionary pride was at stake. They are arthropods, and I am 67 inches tall.

I could not concede my new place of residence to their domination, even though they terrified me. So I decided to adhere to the old adage and get to know mine enemy. Instead of actually going to sleep that night, I looked up everything I could about my tiny, many-legged nemeses. While they may not be my brethren, I may now accept them as my ally, and here is why.

Okay, so not exactly like tiny kitties. But house centipedes take a lot of pride in their legs, apparently as most creatures would with 15 pairs of them. We are much bigger than a spider, can run faster than it, or can pick something up to squish it. And, for most of us at least, we can outsmart a spider!

Scientific Scribbles

So if this study were to be properly linked to humans, it might explain a fear of big cats instead. If people think spiders can hurt them only two Australian spiders are known to kill humans, and no one has died directly from a spider bite since why do they not fear cats and dogs? Cats have many bad bacteria on their teeth, meaning their bites often cause infection and can hospitalise people. In addition, cats can be grumpy and temperamental.

5 Things You Should Know About House Centipedes - HelloGiggles

But they are still considered cute and cuddly, and there is no widespread phobia of domestic cats, or larger cats that can easily kill someone with a swipe of their claws. I have both spiders and cats as pets; my cats always scratch me, but I have never been bitten by any of my 18 spiders. So I would say my cats do me more harm. People have looked into why this reaction evolved in the first place. Some think it began as an evolutionary advantage, and increased safety for early humans.

Humans were more exposed to dangerous spiders in the past. Both humans and spiders related to the Australian red back originated in Africa, so they would have come into contact with one another during day-to-day activities. Perplexingly, all spiders in the black widow genus including the red back have venom that is very toxic to vertebrates animals with a backbone, like fish birds, lizards, and mammals , even though their normal diet consists of insects. People that feared spiders and could quickly react to one in their peripheral vision would live longer.

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People still react very quickly if they see a spider out of the corner of their eye , but spiders are no longer very dangerous. Hence, this advantage has become a disadvantage. As with everything, especially scientific topics, education is key. It is important that if you are afraid of spiders, you should try not to pass it onto your kids. Children learn by watching their parents, and if their parents freak out and scream at every spider they see, the children will think this is normal.

An advantage of not killing spiders is that they will eat those annoying flying insects in your house. This may be particularly important if you live in parts of the world where mosquitoes spread nasty diseases.

19 Responses to “Why do we fear spiders? More importantly, should we?”

Spiders are the same, they just want to catch food in peace, and if they see a huge animal looming over them they want to run away. To get over a fear, you should start small. If it really affects your life negatively, there is help on the internet.

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  5. You can click here , here and here for just a few sites. What I do know is that we should be spending less time spreading spider guts on our walls, and more time admiring their intricate patterns and brilliant web-building skills. Thanks for the comment Natalia. I think it is very important to teach kids care not fear, but fear is probably an easy way to teach them. My mum was cleaning my room one day and thought it was a toy spider. So she picked it up! She stopped cleaning my room after that. I absolutely agree Jinia. For my spiders, not moving probably means they are content, or as content as a spider can be.

    Actually my neighbor in Peru was bitten by an spider and she went to the hospital. I remember I used to have a spider in one of my windows and my mom said that I should kill it, but I said it was my pet, until one day she decided to go out for a walk and I saw she grew a lot! Have you heard about trypophobia. I must admit that I am a trypophobic and it is thanks to my sister that I have this phobia.

    When I was a kid, my sister used to say look at those small holes, they are disgusting… she transmitted her phobia to me So, I disagree with those people who say we should teach kids to be afraid of some things more than others. I think the main problem is to teach them to be afraid… Of course they have to learn not to talk with strangers or go with them. But teaching them of being afraid to dogs, cats, insects, the dark or other things is wrong! Its different to teach they should be careful than teaching to be afraid.

    Is there any certain sign that make us know what the spiders feeling? For examples, if dogs are swinging their tail, means that they want to play or when the cats are hissing, means that they angry. Alice, I have always liked spiders. Neither of my parents were fussed about spiders, and would put them outside or just leave them with the exception of whitetails — my dad always killed them, even though there is not solid evidence that they a dangerous. Kkhine, I think the reason people eat spiders is because they are there!

    Western countries seem to avoid eating a lot of things insects, dogs, snakes. There are certainly a lot of factors involved. Spiders and insects are nutritious, easier to kill, grow faster, and often come out in the millions during breeding season. If a spider were the only thing around to eat, I would definitely eat it. If they did like it, that would be fantastic! However, the study compared monozygotic twins identical and dizygotic twins non identical, essentially the same relatedness as siblings.

    So they found that identical twins are more likely to experience a similar fear towards spiders than non-identical twins. Because the more related siblings identical have a higher similarity, it is assumed genetics plays a key role in the difference between those two groups.

    Why do we fear spiders? More importantly, should we?

    That spider must have really liked your house. And for severe arachnophobes, simply seeing an image of a spider could ruin your day!

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    As someone who is very frightened of spiders, the fact that I could read this whole article pictures and all shows just how convincing your writing is. I actually feel sorry for spiders now.

    Interesting topic Caitlin, thanks! Such a bad wrap unfortunately. Making spiders attractive is certainly a challenge!

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