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Quick and easy read to help jump start your financial success via investments. Simple and to the point. Hire a financial advisor. There's a bit more to it, but that's the overall premise. Sep 25, Julie rated it did not like it. Incredibly dry and just kept repeating the same thing over and over! Jun 25, Kandis rated it it was amazing. I'm big into being financially responsible, secure, you name it.

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This book is a must read if you want to retire with lots of money: Dec 29, Steve Coscia rated it liked it. My CFP advised me to read this book. I am glad I did. Two key points about working with a CFP: They must be someone you both like and trust. May 22, Alice De Schutter rated it it was amazing Shelves: These are the most important points I have taken from the book: You can build and preserve wealth through a program of lifetime equity investing: The real long-term return of equities is so much greater than bonds.

Loaners get paid back with a small interest but, the sky is the limit for owners. He looks at the period from 81 incredibly varied years and it turns out that during this time, real returns to stock owners net of inflation have been 3 times what the bond owners received.

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It is true that stocks are a lot more volatile than bonds but, the passage of time eliminates the risk out of stocks. Or, put this way: Actually, the real risk is deciding not to own equities at all. This is because we live in a rising-cost world. Stocks, however, preserve and enhance purchasing power because their value and dividends increase at a much faster rate than inflation. So, what would you rather have: Or, the opposite stocks? How should you invest? This allows you to buy larger numbers of shares when the market gets bad. And, as the market rises again and the prices are higher, you buy fewer shares.

You end up with the largest amount of shares at low prices and the smallest amount of them at high ones. Automatically, this will lead to above-average returns. Nick Murray outlines several mistakes that you can make as an investor. According to him, the most important one is succumbing to fear: Failing to sell, you will remain fully invested in your equity portfolio for the long run.

This allows your money to keep growing. This is the link to my blog, if you're interested: Jan 25, Stefanie rated it really liked it. I stole this from my mom over break, after meeting her financial advisors and promptly panicking that probably going to grad school wasn't a "lucrative" life-choice. Anyway I come from a super privileged checking that privilege!

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Now that I'm an adult or something, it's probably good to at least have some vague understanding of financial responsibility. The point is, this I stole this from my mom over break, after meeting her financial advisors and promptly panicking that probably going to grad school wasn't a "lucrative" life-choice.

The point is, this book is super simple to understand and a good starting point. I'm interested in reading up on some stuff a little more in depth I like math! It was also a super easy read, I finished it there-and-back on the train in a single day. The writer really hates journalists though, which is weird because I've definitely read pieces that echo his sentiments, so they can't ALL be bad.

My Money Makes Money: Wealthsimple Full Review

Also the writing isn't necessarily groundbreaking and feels repetitive, but that's kind of the point. Just buck up and listen to grandpa's lecture, he has a good point. It's not meant to be a nobel prize in literature, it's meant to teach you how to get your shit together and invest wisely. Apr 27, Tyler Redman rated it really liked it. Simple wealth inevitable wealth is a good book. It has a general idea or philosophy on investing based on Jeremy Siegels "Stocks for the Long run" mixed with his own life experience as a financial advisor Nicky Murray really simplifies stock investing to raw easy to understand habits.

Accepting that you will take losses and convincing you not everyone cant beat the market through buying and selling, but through long term investing with a diversified portfolio and of course with a financial advis Simple wealth inevitable wealth is a good book. Accepting that you will take losses and convincing you not everyone cant beat the market through buying and selling, but through long term investing with a diversified portfolio and of course with a financial advisor.

It certainly made me think twice about how I don't have a financial advisor and has set me into contemplation about whether I should. Its a worth while book with an optimistic outlook and solid research.

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I gave it four stars because the writing was good and his ideas easy to understand. Mar 15, Alvin rated it liked it. Poorly written, repetitive, and didactic. That said, Murray's not wrong about the simple advice he offers which can be summed up as: Murra Poorly written, repetitive, and didactic. Murray also recommends working with an advisor to keep yourself on plan. Very short and quick read. An ok primer for someone wanting to start investing and needs insight to the behavioral issues over the recommendation of six hot mutual funds.

Jun 25, Norm rated it it was amazing. Oct 13, Chinmay rated it it was amazing. Great read on how to build and keep wealth for generations to come. While reading through I can definitely see how many of the eight mistakes I have fallen to. The book is very informative and definitely hits the point and drills down the teachings very well. Recommend this book to everyone who has ever held a mutual stock or individual stock.

Jul 24, Christian Stewart rated it really liked it Shelves: Very easy to understand book. I like that he takes the time to explain a basic investment strategy. The major takeaway is to work with a high quality professional, because it's investor behavior and not investment returns that dictate whether we become wealthy. Sep 02, Amy B. Nov 17, Tim rated it it was amazing. Jun 02, Robert Stoll rated it really liked it.

I firmly believe in the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. Sep 03, Janet Luke rated it liked it.

Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth, Revised Edition by Nick Murray

Some interesting concepts mixed with a lot of pushing to get a financial advisor. Funny how my financial advisor recommended this to me. Mar 22, Scott Thor rated it it was amazing. One of, if not the best, book I've read on building wealth. Jun 07, Martin rated it it was ok. A growing stock market isn't a natural law but has been historically true.

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It's an important distinction. Jul 14, Doug rated it it was amazing. Excellent read on the philosophy of investing for future wealth! Sep 13, Kazandra rated it liked it. May 11, Harrison Pusey rated it it was amazing. Profound logic and insights that resonated deeply with me. Oct 08, Becca rated it liked it. The overall points were good, although somewhat repetitive. Simple explanations, inevitable understanding. The genial Mr Murray eloquently makes the case for investing in mutual funds with a disciplined and compassionate financial adviser manning the helm.

Though he doesn't delve deeply into counterarguments, he readily acknowledges his biases. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone interested in growing long term wealth. Dec 19, George rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you care about building wealth for yourself or your children, then you should read this book -- if only to benefit from his opinions and experience. Murray presents a super simple, completely defensible plan for building an investment portfolio that will, over time, build wealth for most people -- which is: The service is intended for advisors who wish to maintain clients with accounts below their minimum requirements.

Wealthsimple combines a robo-advisor platform with access to live advisors. The firm does not occupy retail space; instead its advisors are available via phone, text message, email or video chat. An annual fee is charged ranging from 0. Portfolios are monitored daily and automatically rebalanced if they move beyond certain thresholds. In April , the company starting offering a savings account with a 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 27 March Retrieved 25 March The Globe and Mail.

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