Annotated Index of Walter McClains History of Putnam County, Tennessee

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Heart of the valley: Upon a lonely hill: Tennessee history, a bibliography. Smith, editor and compiler. On the spine of time: Confederate history of Polk County, Tenn. By the river and beyond: Calvin Dickinson and Eloise R. Tennessee a short history [by] Stanley J. Corlew [and] Enoch L. Land of high horizons, by Elizabeth Skaggs Bowmann. How did Davy die? God's valley people and power along the Tennessee river, by Willson Whitman. From frontier to plantation in Tennessee: Davy Crockett's own story as written by himself the autobiography of America's great folk hero.

Brabson, author Margaret R. Unionism and reconstruction in Tennessee, Tennessee's New Deal landscape: History of the lost state of Franklin History of middle Tennessee or, Life and times of Gen. Davy Crockett illustrated by James MacDonald. Cades Cove auto tour. City behind a fence: Johnson and Charles O. Best yet stories of the early life and times of Smoky Mountain people: A narrative of the life of David Crockett of the state of Tennessee. Written by himself, edited fo. A massacre in Memphis: Tennessee a history, The Wataugans, their history and their influence on southern Appalachia and the nation: The Oak Ridge story the saga of a people who share in history.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In the arms of the mountain an intimate journal of the Great Smokies. Illustrated by Glen H. Entering a new century: Davy Crockett, hero of the wild frontier, by Elizabeth R. Illustrated by Thomas Beecham.

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Archaeological investigations of the Tellico Blockhouse site 40MR The autobiography of David Crockett, with an introduction by Hamlin Garland. The history of Hamilton county and Chattanooga, Tennessee The biography of a river town Memphis: The African-American history of Nashville, Tennessee, Memphis and the paradox of place: Mayor Crump don't like it: Great Smokies wonderland for boys and girls, by Lura D. Illustrated by Bill Chapman. Guide to the Great Smoky mountains national park, by George W. McCoy and George Masa.

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A narrative of the life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee. Always paddle your own canoe: A defining moment for Dayton: Walking in the clouds [by] Elmer C. Tennessee a guide to the state, compiled and written by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works. Calvin Dickinson, and Lisa Rand. The Highlanders of the South, by Samuel H.

The land of the lake: The People's history of Claiborne County, Tennessee, Taking the old mountain road: Treason must be made odious: Sketches and eccentricities of Col. David Crockett of West Tennessee. Leonard Raulston and James W. Speedwell through years: Old times in Tennessee, with historical, personal, and political scraps and sketches. Nashville, the occupied city: My memories of my mountains which are now yours: Monroe County, Tennessee records, Researched, compiled, and edited by Reba Bayless Boy.

Life as it is, or, Matters and things in general: I remember, text and pictures by Joe Clark. In the shadow of big Bald about the Appalachians and their people. History of Johnson County, McClain chapter eight by Quimby Dyer. Falling leaves of Appalachia: From hearth and hoe: Dissipations at Uffington House: Beale Street, where the blues began [by] George W. A good place to live: You're not from around here: Windows on the past: Valley of challenge and change: Unicoi County, Erwin, Tennessee, celebrates the birth of a nation.

To see her face, to hear her voice: The Great Smokies and the Blue Ridge: The land of the Smokies: The old home place: Two resettlement communities on the Cumberland plateau: Ross's Landing at Chattanooga: Overmountain Victory Trail reenactment: Old money, new South: Oak Ridge and me: Memphis down in Dixie, by Shields McIlwaine. Joy in the mountains 2: Hometown memories -- squirrel gravy and feed sack underwear: Historical sketches of Hawkins County: Approved by National park se. Greasy Cove in Unicoi County: Governor John Sevier farm home, Marble Springs: Fort Loudoun on the Little Tennessee, by P.

Environmental monitoring and baseline data management strategies and the focus of future research. David Crockett, the man and the legend. Edited by John B. Davy Crockett, legendary frontier hero: Crockett, the gentleman from the cane: Broken hearts, broken lives: Jefferson County, Tennessee , civilian life in the Civil Wa. African Americans of Chattanooga: Watauga, the "Dangerous example" the story of Sycamore Shoals. The sayings of Davy Crockett in his own language. The unwanted boy the autobiography of Governor Ben W. Edited by Everett Robert Boyce.

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Ramsay and Tammy L. Trek of the ancient spirits: Nelson of east Tennessee. The life of Joseph Bishop, the celebrated old pioneer in the first settlements of Middle Tennessee. The legacy of Tamar: The Gentle winds of change: The valley of the long hunters, by Roxie A. The village of Concord, where time stood still: The History of Blacks in Knoxville, Tennessee: Selected aspects of early Carter County history Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.

Our portion of hell: Fayette County, Tennessee an oral history of the struggle for civil rights.

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McMinnville at a milestone a memento of the sesquicentennial year of McMinnville, Tennessee, Massacre at Cavett's Station: Memphis riots and massacres. In the shadow of the Smokies: Hale with an introd. Hawkins County history of Tennessee. Goodspeed's general history of Tennessee. Gracie and the mountain: Dennis cover design by Joe Pilkenton cove.

East Tennessee letters, nineteenth century: Elkmont's Uncle Lem Ownby: Diary of a sit-in. Foreword by Frank P. County Scott and its mountain folk. Charleston on the Hiwassee: Livingood sponsored by the Chattanooga Area Hi.

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Born on a mountaintop: Background in Tennessee, by Evelyn Scott.. An album of historical memories. Chatata-Tasso, Bradley County, Tennessee, Art work of Chattanooga, Tennessee: A biblical people in the Bible belt: Who's who in Tennessee a reference edition recording the biographies of contemporary leaders in T. Vital statistics, , Unicoi County, Tennessee and its people, Tennessee, a guide to the state. Peterson has gathered together studies in history, ethnohistory, ethnography, anthropology, sociology, rhetoric, and archaeology that pertain to the Removal.

The focus of this bibliography is on published, peer-reviewed, scholarly secondary source material and published primary source documents that are easily available. The period under closest scrutiny extends from the passage of the Indian Removal Act in to the end of the Third Seminole War in However, works directly relevant to the events leading up to the Removal, as well as those concerned with the direct aftermath of Removal in Indian Territory, are also included.

This bibliography is divided into six sections, one for each of the tribes, as well as a general section for works that encompass more than one tribe or address Indian Removal as a policy. Each section is further divided by topic, and within each section the works are listed chronologically, showing the development of the literature on that topic over time. The Trail of Tears: An Annotated Bibliography of Southeastern Indian Removal is a valuable resource for anyone researching this subject.

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