Conversation With Steve The Cat Drawing Guy - I Want To Draw A Cat For You - As Seen On Shark Tank

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Since creating his first model, Drew has traveled around the globe performing at events and demonstrating his invention, a robot suit that is a functioning vehicle capable of about 12 mph. You can get a motorcycle, muscle car, sports car, pickup truck, or monster truck suit.

While standing up robot mode your suit will just make you look insane, but if you want to take things to a suicidal level, just transform yourself into vehicle mode and drive away. It looked promising but the deal fell apart before the show even aired, during the due diligence period.

Cat Drawings

Drive Suits is still making humans into transformers though, and their website has moved to robotsandcarsentertainment. There is now that we have UroClub , a fake golf club with a hidden reservoir that you can pee into. It even comes with a privacy towel to help you cover up when in use. Seskin admitted that he would have taken even less and knew that Kevin would turn the UroClub into a big hit.

Do you suffer from embarrassing flatulence? Finally there is an easy solution to keep your gas away from the nostrils of the innocent — the stylish and comfy Under-Ease anti-flatulance underwear.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim still keep each other weird | Feature | Chicago Reader

These giant diaper-like undergarments lock your offending odors up with their airtight seal, and direct the gas to exit through a fanny-side activated carbon filter. Please note these fashionable underpants are not recommended to be worn in the swimming pool or hot tub, in case you were tempted by that idea. The company is still around and selling their underwear and replacement filters at under-tec. The company does just what the name says, and amazingly Steve has completed more than 18, cat drawings for people all over the world. These are people that likely had no idea what they were buying, or perhaps accidentally clicked the buy now button.

If only there was a way to automate the process, so no one needs to actually get up and do the cooking. What could go wrong with a machine like that?

Interview: Mark Cuban From ‘Shark Tank’

Just load raw bacon into this wooden contraption and let it sit at room temperature overnight until the alarm goes off. Then the device will heat up to cooking temperature, creating flammable splattering animal fat beside your bed. All without you needing to move a muscle or wash a pan. While the concept of a bacon cooking alarm clock may be heavenly for some, the idea failed to entice the Sharks and the product is nowhere to be found today. What if he had a device that could amplify his performance and add effects?

Well, now he can rock out on a whole new level, and so can you, with DrumPants — a wearable sensor that connects to a smart phone speaker. However, both proposals where countered awkwardly and both Sharks withdrew their offers. DrumPants is alive and well and you can get your groove on at drumpants. Successful products usually solve a problem for consumers.

Like this one, the Arkeg. Now you can have access to both video games and beer from the same giant dinosaur of a machine. After all, video games and beer kegs are like peanut butter and jelly. You can get all the Morning Head you want from their website or from Amazon.

Do you have trouble starting difficult conversations with your partner? Maybe a stuffed elephant would help. When you want to talk you just reveal the elephant in the room by exposing the little stuffed animal.

1.23.15 Pt. 1 - Steve Gadlin (Shark Tank) chats about I Want to Draw a Cat For You

Then your partner will know that an uncomfortable discussion is inevitable. What could be more grown-up than that? Moberi is the obvious and perfectly natural combination of a bicycle and a blender. Sure you could plug your blender in and use electricity, but where is the challenge?

Instead you could earn your blended treat by burning off some calories first with Moberi. When you cook, all those delicious aromas could get trapped in your clothes and hair. You could change outfits easily enough, but what if your hair smells like the fish and liver pudding you just prepared?

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The website is gone and the Facebook page is inactive. There is a huge market for energy shots in America. They are quick and effective. But what if you could eat that energy shot instead?


Maybe as a cold, dry waffle? After the Sharks sampled the product they did get a boost of agitated energy as they argued over business strategies. However, none of the Sharks thought the product tasted good, and Roger left the Tank without an investment. Cougar energy is a energy drink made for middle aged women who seek the companionship of younger men.

Why would these women need a different energy drink than the rest of the population? He might tell you that Cougar Energy gives the cougar stronger hair, skin, nails, hormonal balance, and anti-aging benefits, plus all the energy a cougar needs to hunt. Resident Shark Tank cougar Barbara Corcoran thought it tasted like chalk, and was the first Shark out.

The male Sharks had no interest and were generally confused by the concept of a gender and age specific drink. He gets personally involved in each one and he uses the skills of one entrepreneur to help another in an area where they may not be as strong. It was more to get access to him for everything else. It happens quite often that Mark sees the potential in a pitcher that no one else sees.

Those are the ones that turns out the best. When this entrepreneur came into the tank no one was interested but Mark heard him out. Unlike some of the other sharks, whose only concern is the potential profit, Cuban considers the personal relationship. How do you really, really help and be a great supportive investor beyond just your cash without overdoing it so you kill everything else around you? Kevin is the most financial of the evaluators. I care about if I come in, what can I make the value and how does that relate to my investment?

How big can I make this thing? And so what does Cuban do for fun? Click here to cancel reply.