The Death of Doctor Gilmores Wife

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Gilmore was described in court testimony as being the typical small- town doctor who wouldn't be able to walk down the street without at least one person saying, "Hiya, Doc. He even makes house calls. Gilmore, who did his undergraduate work at Lehigh University, came to Reading to serve his internship at the city hospital after graduating from Jefferson Medical School in the early s.

Peter Gilmore

Among those at the hospital at the time was a young doctor named William Glosser, a future Berks County coroner who would figure prominently in the Gilmore homicide case 30 years later. After his internship, Gilmore, who had grown fond of the area, opened his practice in Muhlenberg Township, which borders Reading on the east and north.

He would remain there, attracting a growing number of patients who came to rely on Doc Gilmore. With the popularity came an active social life. By the time he and his third wife, Patricia - an attractive blonde who grew up in Muhlenberg Township - married in June , Gilmore had an impressive group of friends in the Reading area.

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One spot he and Patricia liked to frequent was the Whit-Mar Inn on Route 61, where they would routinely sit at the bar for two drinks before eating dinner. It is in the same restaurant that he would tell a state policeman and friend months after Patricia's death that he was depressed and he had a gun at home.

Peter Gilmore - Wikipedia

The policeman drove to Gilmore's house that night and confiscated the weapon. Parties and drinking were part of the ritual for the Gilmores, so a dinner party thrown the night before Thanksgiving was nothing unusual. Gilmore said he had been tired that Wednesday because he was up most of the previous night waiting for Patricia to come home. The Death of Doctor Gilmore's Wife.

Doctor Gilmore's Biggest Squeezes! Top 3

When the tragic death of Patty Gilmore occurred, family, friends, patients, and contemporaries-all those who were considered advocates for Doctor Irvin Gilmore-stepped forward to support him when he was charged with criminal homicide. He was a man who had always shown good character and more importantly was a doctor who possessed a profound dedication to his patients.

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This trait had made him a celebrity in his community. All I can say is that I never heard of her Holland.

The trial was moved from Berks County after Dimitriou said that Gilmore could not receive a fair trial because of publicity. Schaeffer, who presided even though the trial was in Schuylkill County, had been biased during the trial. I coach soccer, and I have had to play against 12 men before, but this is not a game," he said, referring to the eleven players on a soccer team, plus a referee.

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February 21, by J. After the verdict was announced, he sobbed loudly, but was jubilant minutes later. Why do my bell peppers have spots?

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