The Mystery of the Missing iphone (Whodunnit Book 2)

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I love this, I think its worth giving it a shot. They are the best games that I ever downloaded. Yes…u r wright… The room 1 and 2 both are great games… Good for mystery lovers.. The Room is excellent, but its also very short — I finished it in just a few hrs which is fine for free games, but not so much for ones you need to pay for.

Developed by Joy Swift http: You play as a detective in training and solve murder mysteries as you uncover clues from the crime scene and witness and suspect. You also follow a story line of the characters. The first few episodes are free and the you pay for each episode individually then on. Oh I like that game!

The graphics are nice and the cases are fairly interesting. However only two cases are free and you have to buy the rest. The Layton brothers mystery room is great! You investigate each crime scene and figure out who the killer is.

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The main character is alfendi Layton. If you have ever play any of the professor Layton games this is the professors son. Hershel and Luke have no part in it though. Lots of fun totally recommend it. Mystery Room is one of the best detective apps ever. You investigate crime scenes and have nine case in total. Is not realistic at all or even challenging. To me Who is the killer looks like the way to go. I hate hidden objects and that candy crush games too. Matching jewels or finding pencil, eraser without any reason is quite annoying. Guys i played a game of finding the murderer in town. Its not lie those annoying hidden object games nor the candy crush.

We just visit places in town. Inrerrogate ppl and then reach a conclusion and each day a person dies in that town. Do u guys know any such game on playstore? Party Rocker has been getting interested in the contents of the fridge. So he temporarily wants to be known as Party Food. Striker has been getting interested in cars, particularly smart, fast and expensive ones. So he temporarily wants to be known as Stig. The experts at booksfc can disagree about anything: Mad Scientist thinks the world is a small rocky planet within our solar system.

Party Rocker thinks the world is his fan base. Striker thinks the world is something to do with the football tournament that takes place every four years.

And Flower Power thinks the world is a type of ice lolly. But there is one thing the experts. Every now and again you find something really special. To others, what you have found appears really ordinary. But to you, your special find is so wonderful it steals your heart. Like the time I did an experiment and grew some mould that looked disgusting, smelt disgusting and was disgusting. Do you mean the cheese between your toes? Like the time I found a pound coin on the playground. But that was mine! Skellig by David Almond. Welcome back to books fc!

The experts have discovered a new hobby! As well as reviewing books, they now also enjoy debating. Debating is when two people have the opposite opinion and both tell the other person they are wrong. Most recently, the experts have been debating environmental issues.

"Edison: The Mystery of the Missing Mouse Treasure" by Torben Kuhlmann

Mad Scientist thinks the only light switch that should be turned on is the one in his room. This will save electricity, he argues, and eventually the world too. Striker has the opposite o. The Mum Shop by Ceci Jenkinson. Welcome to Books FC where a panel of experts review some of the best children's books. The panel, in case you've forgotten, is: Expert in everything Party Rocker: Expert in being rude Striker: Expert in football and being a hooligan Flower Power: Expert in training The experts have been writing their Christmas wish lists.

See if you can guess who wrote which wish: A wand that actually works 3.

Books by A.M. Layet (Author of Hot Shots FC)

A ban on a. The Windvale Sprites by Mackenzie Crook.

It's not often the panel of experts review books that are classics, or even 'instant classics'. Actually, it's not often the panel of experts review books. They are too busy squabbling. So special, the panel of experts have decided to hold a ceasefire just so they can review the book properly. The story starts when the very ordinary Asa Brown discovers something very extraordinary floating in his duckpond. Billy Bonkers - It Wasn't Me! Books FC is different. At BFC books are reviewed by a panel of so called experts. The panel of experts, in case you've forgotten, includes: Mad Scientist - specialises in books for the 12 plus age range His brain is like the universe, expanding at an ever faster rate.

He likes facts and information, the gorier the better. He dislikes his co-panel. Party Rocker - specialises in books for the 10 plus age range Also known as Big Bang, not because he is in any way scient. The experts at Booksfc have been very, incredibly, unbelievably, jaw droppingly, mind bogglingly busy It takes a lot of effort, dedication and hard work watching the Olympics, 12 hours a day, for 2 weeks solid. But the good news is all that effort has been rewarded. The batteries in the remote control have finally gone flat.

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  6. That must deserve a medal. One of those shiny gold ones, I think. It needed to be a very special book to make the experts at Booksfc forget abou. Genie in Training by Ciaran Murtagh. Every now and again a book comes along which reminds you strongly of another book! It's called borrowing ideas. The experts at Booksfc do it all the time. Especially during spelling tests. This time the book that happened to come along was Genie in Training by Ciaran Murtagh. It's about a boy who meets a genie, the boy accidentally wishes to become a genie, and then is whisked off to Genie School to become a genie.

    First of all I want. The Trophy Trap by Emma Laybourn.

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    The panel of experts are revolting! They want to know why adults have all the money and children have none. And why is school free, when chocolate costs money? There's something very wrong going on with the world. Maybe even a conspiracy. So, in protest at the unfairness of life, the panel of experts have decided to review a free book, The Trophy Trap by Emma Laybourn. If only all books were free Billionaire Boy by David Walliams.

    It's time for the panel of experts to do something useful for once in their lives. The latest contestant in this tense competition where books are pitted against other books, and experts against other experts, is the hilarious Billionaire Boy by David Walliams. Joe Spud, the hero, is overweight and over rich. He has everything money can buy, except a friend.

    He decides to quit his posh expensive school and try his luck making friends at the local comprehensive school, where he pretends to be. The panel of experts at BooksFC are getting restless!

    Books by A.M. Layet

    It could be because it never, ever stops raining, it could be because they're getting hungry, or it could be because they're just desperate for another book to review! So I think it's time to throw a juicy book to the panel, and this time it's Superburger, a rather tasty ebook by San Alini. Superburger follows the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortunes of Isaac, who wants to eat the Superburger, his friend Tommy, who.

    Euro Sticker Book. I keep telling the panel of experts that this is supposed to be a blog that reviews books, but other things keep turning up.