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Despite this, your overall collective cost will possibly be covered in within Rs A profession that is almost exclusively online, the idea of running this kind of a business stems from the fact that most corporate advertising firms have taken to outsourcing their campaign developments, as an attempt to break the standard patterns and reduce the pressure. Hence, as someone looking to build a business along these lines, you should be prepared to invest your time and money in running an active website with a domain name, hosting services, and perhaps SEOs , offering your services to potential clients.

Can you imagine a world without tea? What would we do with our evenings? While the tea-industry as a whole has done exceptionally well over the decades, the smaller tea stall owners have definitely been reaping the benefits of their overall success.

Start small to go big: here are 35 profitable businesses you can start in India within Rs 10,000

Besides a basic budget for renting a small room or stall for space, the only other investment you need to make is on buying tea from the manufacturers and purchasing makeshift benches and tables. Social media has become the way of the world. Corporates, startups, and personal channels have all realised this and work to increase their presence on it. While most of the bigger companies especially in the media now have a social media team to handle this aspect, the smaller ones reach out to stand-alone social media strategists.

The only investment that you, as someone looking to build a brand in this line, should be making is improving your online presence by advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and spending a basic amount on maintain your website, to ensure that it ranks higher in the search engine pages. While most of her fixed budget was spent on material for her designs, the concept of recycling saris helped defeat that splurge. Her primary investment went into maintaining a studio space and paying her two tailors.

The world is looking to get fit. While not everyone has the time or inclination to visit the gym or join any fitness classes, the idea of a fitness instructor visiting their houses and helping them get in shape is definitely more appealing to them. So those looking to launch a business in online fitness should spend their money on maintaining a strong online presence through their website and social media pages, considering that they do not have to rent a studio space or equipment.

Although this may sound like an oversimplification, the truth is that graphic designers are the highest in demand when they work independently and are ready to take on projects from clients outside their prescribed work. Assuming the fact that they already have the necessary equipment to execute their projects computers, software, etc.

Music Distribution - Hand To Hand Distribution Seminar Pt1 Make money now !!!

The only investment that those looking to run dance or music schools have to carry out is in rental space. Besides this, the business runs on their skill as an instructor as well as their active presence in respected circuits. As the business grows, they may need to set aside an amount for the salary of an assistant or associate as well, but in the initial stages, the trick is to make sure that enough people are recommending your school to its potential students.

Cities like Mumbai are famous for independent scriptwriters , who work on a project-basis from anywhere and at any time. While these individuals work on deadlines and are affiliated with a production house through a contract, they do not need to spend on any initial costs to set up their brand, since they can work in the confines of their home and are negating rental space expenses. Their only investment is time allotted to each project, so that they can be recommended to others through the same. As mentioned earlier, venturing into the food industry is almost always a profitable move.

This is where you could come in. Since the cooking will probably be cooked in your own kitchen, there is no need to pay for extra space. These handymen and women usually choose not to be affiliated with any organisation and instead take on work at homes independently at a nominal charge.

A Detailed Guide On How To Start A Bakery Business In India

Hence, their only primary initial cost will be spent in purchasing the necessary tools that befits their respective professions. Especially when you have to go for a work-trip or a vacation. This an extremely lucrative and to an extent, still largely unexplored field in our country and holds great promises for those wishing to build a brand around it. The main costs for this would be in creating and maintaining a website.

A Detailed Guide On How To Start A Bakery Business In India | The Restaurant Times

While most corporate companies have their own research teams, a score of newly launched startups and smaller companies tend to outsource their research work to independent researchers in the same field, on a contractual basis. As a result, you could set up a business around independent research yourself or with another person, where, unless you wish to opt for rental space, your only investment will be your time. And while the hand-cart has been replaced by a chain of luxury restaurants across the world, it was the reason for his eminent success today.

Food trucks offer the same kind of potential to those looking to get into low-cost-high-returns business, considering their growing appeal among the urban masses today. Bengaluru even had an all-women food-truck company, 7 Sin, which has been doing exceedingly well since.

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As for the initial costs, the only thing that those looking into this have to wager on, is to rent a sturdy food-truck for a nominal fee and to pay the salary of a driver, who is required to drive it through all the popular hot-spots in the respective cities. While we all applauded the efforts of Mahavir Singh Phogat in Dangal , not everyone can receive critical acclaim as a coach by training members of their own families.

To this end, people with a history in a particular sport, who have both worked in it, around it, and understand it to the bone, should look to coaching amateurs in the same. Their experience and expertise at a sport will help build their brand value and catch the attention of the various sports academies looking to hire independent coaches for particular seasons. They should even look to cater towards aspiring sportsmen who wish to receive professional training from an independent coach instead of enrolling themselves in an academy. In India, the average salary for a Translator is Rs , per year.

Thus, translators are high in demand, and those looking to go into the business would be happy to know that the costs for setting it up are based at a bare minimum. The only real thing they need to spend their money on is to attend classes on the particular foreign language to become fluent enough to practise it. Home-based consultancy services have become quite popular in the past few years. While many still run a one-man show, many have recruited to delegate the onslaught of clients that come through for queries around the particular field.

While it is important that those heading these services have a background in the field they are adhering to, the minimum cost to start this home-based business is till considerably low. Are you the control freak when it comes to travel planning? Do you love planning out an itinerary, scouting the internet for hours for the cheapest and most effective ticket combinations and have the history of a heritage site mugged up?

If yes, then you should look into opening up a tour-guide business , where groups of travellers school-trips, college-trips, tourist-travels can ask you to not only make all the arrangements for the trip but also guide them through it, as the leader of the pack. Since the entire business can be carried through the internet, there is no other starting cost that you need to worry about, other than perhaps maintaining a travel-guide website for your potential clients. It is because card-making businesses have begun to spring up all over the country, with manufacturers taking custom-made orders for nominal prices.

For this too, the key factor lies in using the internet and the appropriate software and tools, for which you have to pay a standard price to enjoy unlimited usage. However, the main investment will be in maintaining an attractive website and making it a powerful presence on social media, so that enough people begin to talk it up and recommend it. Cooking classes are a hit among the urban masses because food is something that appeals to everyone. As a professional cook, you can conduct cooking classes both online and offline. For the former, you can either use a platform like YouTube and Facebook or launch your own website to serve the same purpose.

For either way, the cost is a bare minimum. For the latter, you can book a studio on the days you wish to conduct the classes, which again works out to be fairly cost-effective, taking the selected number of hours and days into account. While each of these businesses do contain its fair share of risks and surmountable barriers, they also hold the potential to become great success stories.

Just like the bow stretches the arrow back before it is released to its target, you need to arch back and let loose. Which domain name would you choose for your website? Click here to tell us. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. In Depth Start small to go big: Travel agency Image credits: Shutterstock The travel industry in India has witnessed a boom in the past decade.

Mobile recharge shop Image credits: Creative Commons Even with online recharge, in India most mobile-users prefer visiting a recharge shop to fill their balance. Breakfast joint Image credits: Fruit juice kiosk Image credits: Garment tailor Image credits: Creative Commons In cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi, the demand for good tailors has increased tenfold due to the increasing popularity of self-made designs.

Online bakery Image credits: Blogging This is possibly one of the most lucrative fields to tap into in the digital age. It ideally should include:. Learn in detail, how you can write a successful bakery business plan here. One of the first steps to how to start a bakery business in India is to decide a good location. For a bakery, the ideal location is a reputed market or high-end shopping streets where footfall is high.

Sanjana Ray

Ideally, front area shops on the ground floor which are easily accessible and visible are apt for the bakery business. It is advisable to have a sq ft shop, divided into two floors, to build a functional kitchen on one level, and have display cum serving area at another. However, this is subjective to the space available, and your own choice. For a sqft area divided between two floors, the rent should not exceed more than Rs k. Your expenditure would be around Rs 1,80, to acquire the place where the bakery will operate. Also, while finalizing the location of the bakery, it is essential to ensure that the place has a proper water supply and drainage facility.

Get an appropriate legal agreement for the property as it is also required in paperwork and other licenses. You should even get a No Objection Certificate NOC from the property owner that he has no problem that his place would be used for food outlet purpose. This article will help you decide the location of your bakery business. Similar to the QSR format, the bakery business also needs five licenses: Police eating house and fire license can be acquired once you commence your operations.

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  6. However, it is recommended to have the entire license in place before opening the outlet. Unlike the QSR and Food Truck, Bakery shops need an expert workforce because both the taste as well as the presentation is essential in the case of baked goods. The total count of manpower required in the bakery is The salary of the chefs, Commi, and helpers depend on their experience. Find out how to create a Human Resource structure for your restaurant here.

    The kitchen equipment is costly for a bakery business since each equipment is made up of stainless steel which is tough and long-lasting. Unlike QSR or Food truck, the bakery requires new equipment for better efficiency. But to lower the cost, you can get the working table second hand.

    The display area or the front end of the bakery business should be well designed and created in a manner that every item is noticeable to attract the walk-in customers. You mainly require a Display fridge for cakes and pastries.

    Other than the refrigerator, display area should have proper storage and a display rack for the items. The POS software is not just a billing software anymore. Equipped with powerful integrations such as Inventory management, the POS software is now the only software you need in your restaurant. While purchasing one for your bakery business, ensure that the POS software has features to manage the shelf life of the baked items, robust inventory management as you would be dealing with perishables.

    The price of POS software is likely to differ based on the features you wish to include. The cost of the POS would range around Rs 30, a year. Learn how you can choose the best POS Software for your bakery here. Schedule your free demo here. Marketing and branding are essential for any business to flourish, and a bakery is no stranger to this. admin