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Late at night, on October 4 , a strange guest appeared on a cult American radio show. Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell had a reputation for exploring weird themes with fascinating guests, but few had ever sounded as excited as this one. Dallas Thompson was a former personal trainer who had spent his youth in Hawaii but now lived in Bakersfield, California. His life had changed forever following a terrible accident, five years earlier.

When Thompson was found, the roof of his blue Honda Accord had been crushed almost to the floor.

When he regained consciousness, he was convinced that the Earth was hollow and had an opening at the North Pole. Are we being ruled by flesh-eating lizards? Because of the special atmosphere in the hole, Thompson explained, living creatures were protected from pollutants and harmful rays. There were herds of mammoth and ancient tribes down there, the members of which lived to be around 1, years old.

Mystery crater baffles scientists. He even had a date for the trip: He began to receive emails from media companies keen to report the story and many more from both critics and admirers. He said his book, Cosmic Manuscript, had become a bestseller but he was pulling it from sale. And then, the most mysterious event of all took place. All of a sudden, Thompson disappeared….

For many centuries, humankind has dreamt of inner worlds.

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On YouTube, videos claim that the satellite images on Google Earth have been altered to cover up the existence of the holes, while other videos claim the holes are there for all to see. Ancient Greeks, Tibetan Buddhists and Christians all located their iterations of hell in caverns under the mantle. The 18th-century Astronomer Royal Edmond Halley believed that unusual compass readings could be explained by the fact that the planet was composed of a hollow shell, two inner concentric shells and an innermost core about the diameters of the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury respectively.

One of the most famous Hollow Earth theorists, and a true predecessor of Thompson, was a veteran of the Anglo-American war, John Symmes. He toured the US with a handmade wooden globe that opened out to reveal its secret layers. Converts, in ever increasing numbers, began petitioning the government to finance his adventures. During the debate, it was suggested that the Committee for Foreign Relations become involved, as the trip may well bring Symmes and his crew into contact with new races of interior people.

But the motion was to fail. Seven further bills were presented to the House. Symmes spent the rest of his life lecturing and lobbying for action. But still, today, men grasp.

Our Earth IS Hollow! Fascinated, he began reading up. So convinced was Cluff that, in , he flew his wife and five children from New Mexico to a new life in Alaska.

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And was his wife keen? She thought I was crazy.

Hollow Earth - The Biggest Cover Up in History - The Apollo Hole.

But we did it anyway. In Alaska, Cluff met a small group of people who had travelled to the icy state with the same idea. Soon they were ready to embark upon their mission. How long did he drive before he reached the sign and aborted the mission? The history of invisible ink. Hitler was reportedly a believer, and some conspiracy theorists are convinced he escaped to the Hollow Earth at the end of the Second World War and is still there. Cluff, for his part, tried to reach the Hollow Earth again. They decided to plan a new trip. The scheme involved chartering a Russian nuclear ice breaker that was used to take tourists to the North Pole.

Once the basics were worked out, they began recruiting members. Before the voyage, they chartered a plane to fly over the pole to locate the opening.

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That same decade a new theory about the hollow-earth appeared. It was the brainchild of Cyrus Read Teed. Teed proposed that the Earth was a hollow sphere and that people lived on the inside of it. In the center of the sphere was the sun, which was half dark and half light. As the sun turned it gave the appearance of a sunset and sunrise. The dense atmosphere in the center of the sphere prevented observers from looking up into the sky and seeing the other side of the world.

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Interestingly enough, Teed's theory was hard for 19th century mathematicians to disprove based on geometry alone, since the exterior of a sphere can be mapped onto the interior with little trouble. Teed changed his name to Koresh and founded what might today be called a cult. After buying a acre tract in Florida, Koresh declared himself the messiah of a new religion. He died in without proving his ideas. Even after his death, though, some continued to subscribe to his theory. Heinz Fischer pointed a telescopic camera into the sky in an attempt to photograph the British fleet across the hollow interior of a concave earth.

He was apparently unsuccessful and the British fleet remained safe. Zundel also suggested that the Nazis had originated as a separate race that had come from the inner-earth.

As time has gone on the idea of a hollow-earth has become less a theory of fringe science and more a subject of science fiction and fantasy. Perhaps this has happened because new discoveries continue to show there is no validity to most of the hollow-earth ideas.

Hollow Earth conspiracy theories: the hole truth

Photographs taken by astronauts in space show no entrances either. Modern geology indicates the Earth is mostly a solid mass. One believer did seize on a NASA photograph showing a black hole at the North Pole and called it proof of an entrance to a hollow-earth. As it turned out the photo was actually a composite of several pictures taken over 24 hours so that all sections were seen in daylight and the black hole at the top was the portion of the arctic circle never illuminated during the day over winter months.

Perhaps one of the most well-known books about hollow-earth is Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. The book illustrates a third theory of hollow-earth which is more plausible than the other two.

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This is that passages from the surface lead to caverns underground in which life thrives. In the book three scientists climb down an inactive Iceland volcano in an attempt to find a path to the center of the Earth. They don't make it, but they do find an underground sea populated with prehistoric creatures including plesiosaurs. Verne may have been closer to that mark than most expected.