Rainbows from Heaven

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She opens herself up, showing that while she and Robert did not do everything right, continued trust in each other, prayer and belief in their love for the girls would see Lynn's dream of a family come true. Despite its cloyingly sweet title and at times less than artful prose, this book is highly readable.

Journalist Doxon recounts from a Christian perspective efforts made by her and her husband to adopt Lynn holds a Ph. There are two Bible verses that mention rainbows in heaven. So based on these verses, the answer to your question is: Share Facebook Twitter Email Print.

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What Does The Bible Say About Rainbows? A Christian Study

These are often interpreted in many ways as evidenced on the website noted under the drawing. The kabbala says this according to this site:. Each soul and spirit prior to its entering into this world, consists of a male and female united into one being. When it descends on this earth the two parts separate and animate two different bodies. At the time of marriage, the Holy One, blessed be He, who knows all souls and spirits, unites them again as they were before, and they again constitute one body and one soul, forming as it were the right and left of one individual.

However I wonder now, if it is not a reminder that we need to join together both the feminine side of our soul- the unconscious with the male side — the conscious before we can have full union with the Divine and the heavens. The path to ascension is the union of our selves.

Rainbows in Heaven

There are these days however higher quality statements on the final step of personal evolution. Thanks for your comment. Are you referring to the book by Carlos Casteneda? Especially the part of the petty tyrant.

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I also think it is a union of ancestors, descendents, unconscious and conscious parts,as well as an awakening. I read about third attention here http: The smallest, the first attention, or the consciousness that every normal person has developed in order to deal with the daily world, encompasses the awareness of the physical body. Another larger portion, the second attention, is the awareness we need in order to perceive our luminous cocoon and to act as luminous beings.

The second attention is brought forth through deliberate training or by an accidental trauma, and it encompasses the awareness of the luminous body. The last portion, which is the largest, is the third attention. The battlefield of warriors is the second attention, which is something like a training ground for reaching the third attention. It sounds a bit like the wairua a term Maori use.

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I get the concept. There is another part of you, that lives in a different space, but that is aligned with the physical world. Some see it as the realm of the Ancestors, a place where creation of the physical world begins, or takes place. Or can be seen as a place where the waves of consciousness that are effecting the earth and your self first start, and take root, to eventually manifest in the physical world. Many myths I believe are actually descriptions of this place. So from my point of view- you may use your third attention, or second attention to be aware of your luminous body, or wairua.

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But when you do become aware of it, and the world and environment it is in, you need to know the symbols and the places it will encounter, and their relevance in the physical world as well as the spiritual. If you can see the world where the luminous body is- whatever place you may call it by, you can see where it needs to move- the rainbow bridge as an example, may be present to help you move through and upwards. Reblogged this on evereclectic and commented:

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